Intensive Outpatient

For Substance Abuse

The Pavilion at Northwest Texas Healthcare System offers an intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP) for substance abuse. IOP meets Monday through Thursday in the evening.

Participants should be free of substance use for 72 hours before attending meetings and should reside in a supportive environment. Each patient’s treatment is directed by a multidisciplinary healthcare team.

The program presents the 12-step model of recovery in a group format and includes education on substance abuse.

What Does IOP Offer?

The Pavilion IOP treatment staff is familiar with employer-mandated treatment requirements, including TPAPN for nurses or D.O.T. regulations for transportation workers. Return-to-work conferences and telephone case reviews are available.

Program Highlights:

  • Group therapy facilitated by licensed professionals
  • Addictive disorders education
  • Support of appropriate medications
  • Freedom to come and go to each session
  • Ability to continue in a work environment
  • Family-centered program
  • After-care program with weekly ongoing meetings for graduates of IOP

Admission and Referral Process

Prospective participants, employers and other professionals may call to inquire about substance abuse treatment and/or to schedule an appointment for an assessment with a qualified counselor: 1-800-537-2585 or 806-354-1810.


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